STULZ offers next generation climate control with its CabinetAir PRT Series
Stulz CabinetAir telecoms cabinet

STULZ CabinetAir PRT with direct free cooling helps telecommunications cabinets beat the heat

STULZ, a world leading provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity climate control solutions for mission critical applications, has announced the introduction of its CabinetAir PRT solution. The latest addition to the company’s innovative Shelter Cooling portfolio, CabinetAir PRT is specifically designed to control the temperature in outdoor multifunction telecommunications cabinets by combining the benefits of mechanical cooling with energy saving direct free cooling technology.

CabinetAir PRT operates at a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C and can guarantee reliable operation, even during extreme temperature fluctuations. As well as substantially lowering the noise level of active system equipment, its direct free cooling technology helps to significantly reduce energy consumption by using the outside temperature to cool the telecommunications cabinet. Free cooling is particularly effective in locations where the ambient air temperature is colder than that required inside a cabinet, and it also enhances reliability – even if the mains power supply fails the active electronic equipment will continue to work correctly.

For locations with frequently higher outside temperatures, CabinetAir PRT combines direct free cooling with mechanical cooling.  Both modes are controlled by  an integrated STULZ C100 microprocessor to cool down the inside at any time with maximum efficiency. The STULZ C100 also allows optional connection to a central building management system via Modbus RTU, as well as alarm management and a multi-level configuration menu with password protection. Additionally, a control panel is also available for displaying status and system messages, and for changing parameters.

The CabinetAir PRT range is available in three versions – fully integrated, semi-integrated and side mounted – to suit the requirements of different locations and provide maximum flexibility. The fully integrated option offers particularly effective protection against vandalism, while the semi-integrated and side mounted variants allow more space for IT and network equipment, as well as being resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Within mission critical applications uptime is vital. To help ensure that any issues are diagnosed and resolved quickly, those using CabinetAir PRT can take advantage of STULZ Service – a comprehensive range of preventive and corrective services that includes emergency callout, product replacement during operation, and the availability of products within 24 hours. It is also possible to have maintenance and equipment replacement carried out directly by STULZ technicians to ensure that it functions to the highest possible standards.

‘For over 40 years we have been synonymous with precision air conditioning and have designed systems for use in locations all over the world,’ commented Uwe Kudszus, product manager at STULZ. ‘CabinetAir PRT is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to producing reliable and energy efficient solutions that can help telecommunications providers maximise levels of uptime. By integrating direct free cooling within CabinetAir PRT, energy intensive compressor cooling is not required when the outside temperature is lower than inside a cabinet, leading to massive financial savings and enhancing the overall lifetime of system equipment.’

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